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Includes 4 consultations at a discounted rate.
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Are you tired of being tired? Do you feel sluggish or lack motivation? Do you just not have the energy that you used to have or wish you have or need to have?

If so this energy boost programme could be for you

We begin with a one to one consultation to assess why you may be lacking in energy and aim to quickly identify and correct the underlying cause. You will be provided with a programme, totally unique to you which may advise certain lifestyle choices, dietary suggestions or clinical testing. Your programme may also involve taking some supplements for a period of time. (read more)

I will keep in touch with you via email and will then meet  up on 3 more occasions, usually with a with a gap of about 4 weeks. At each stage, changes will usually be made to your programme.

We may have to use a programme of supplements as a large proportion of the population are deficient in some of the vitamins which are necessary to convert food into energy. It is not always possible to use diet alone.

Afterwards, I will urge you to keep in touch with me so that we can maintain all of the good work!

  • 4 consultations
  • Email support as required
  • Lifestyle support
  • Recipes
  • Dietary advice
  • Individual nutritional supplement programme (if necessary)


**Please note that nutritional supplements and testing are not included in the package price for this programme as they are dependent upon individual needs. I am able to offer you a discounted price on any supplements or testing that I may suggest.


As we are well aware, we use energy all the time, whether it is to breathe, to talk, to walk or to run. Our food provides that energy. Think of a chain of reactions that happen in the body. At each stage of the chain, the body needs nutrients and if even a single nutrient is deficient or lacking, that chain can break down resulting in an inefficient supply of energy.

Sometimes we are not obtaining all of the necessary nutrients from our diet. That may be because we are eating the wrong foods or we are not eating enough of the correct ones! It could be that our diet is in fact quite healthy but for one reason or another, we are not absorbing the nutrients correctly from our food. Maybe we are eating at the wrong time or maybe our food is not eaten in a way that allows maximum benefit. Maybe our lifestyle choices are not the best. Could a food sensitivity be the issue, or a blood sugar imbalance, there are so many possibilities. Each person is different and the reason for you lacking in energy may be very different to the reason that someone else lacks in energy. Whatever the reason, it is my job to identify your cause and correct the process. I will also provide you with ideas, tips and tasty recipes to have you feeling energetic once more.  I am not here to judge you, only to help you achieve your goals.