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Includes 6 consultations at a discounted rate.
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This programme is designed for anyone who wants to shed some weight. I aim to show you how to do this without leaving you feeling hungry or struggling to fulfill your cravings. This does not involve a calorie controlled diet for a specific period of time, instead it involves a change in your eating habits which will allow you to maintain a steady, healthy weight, long after this programme is over. I aim to introduce you to some recipes and ideas that will allow you to quickly and easily create some delicious food.

Some people simply need some motivation to get them going whilst others have tried every diet that they can find. For some, there may be underlying reasons as to why they cannot lose weight. I aim to identify those reasons and work with you to correct those processes in your body.

There are ways that work when it comes to weight loss and ways that don’t. I keep myself up to date with all of the latest research and am able to pass this to you.

I will meet with you for your first consultation to establish what your current diet and lifestyle are and what changes you are prepared to make! Please remember, I’m not here to judge you, only to help. We will look at your goals and any other issues that may be around. I will devise a programme specific to your needs and abilities! We may need to include some nutritional supplements as part of your programme.

You will have 5 follow up sessions at 2 – 3 week intervals to monitor your progress. We may need to make adjustments to your programme along the way.

  • Initial consultation
  • 5 follow up consultations
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Learn how to lose weight and keep it off
  • Learn about the recent research around weight loss
  • Recipes
  • Individual nutritional supplement programme ( if necessary)#
  • Email support as required


**Please note that nutritional supplements and testing are not included in the package price for this programme as they are dependent upon individual needs. I am able to offer you a discounted price on any supplements or testing that I may suggest.